My baby is 3 months old!! It’s crazy how quickly time goes by; I’m just soaking up every second I get to spend with my little man while he is still a tiny baby. Over the past few months I’ve come to love certain baby products that I’m glad made my registry since I’ve been using them a lot. I thought I’d share some of those with you:

1. Video monitor– I love having a monitor with the video feature. There are a lot of nice cameras on the market with similar features to this one here, which I got as a gift. It has some practical features including a 300 degree view of the baby’s room, infrared night vision, temperature sensor, two-way communication and what I love the most is I can access the camera on my cell phone at any time. I know I will be enjoying this feature all the time when I go back to work =).

2. Baby swingthis swing has gotten us through many fussy nights. The motion soothes and keeps our baby calm. There are multiple speed options, music, a mirror and a spinning mobile which keep our baby occupied. We love this product and so does our baby!!

3. Rock n-play sleeper this has been a really handy product because it is very light, which allows us to easily move it into any room in the house. We usually keep this downstairs so between his bassinet and this sleeper we always have something handy for him to take naps in. He naps really comfortably in it.

4.  Owlet monitor I was so glad to find out there was a product like this on the market. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a baby monitor designed to alert you if your baby were to stop breathing. It uses a sensor that is built into a little sock that sends signals to a small base station as well as to your phone to communicate your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. Should there be an issue with your baby’s vital signs, the monitor would alert you via lights and noises into the base station as well as an alarm on your phone. I love this product as it gives me peace of mind every time I put my baby to sleep.

5. Baby Multi-Use Cover this product can be used as an infant car seat cover, nursing cover and a shopping cart cover. Not only is the design stylish but I love how lightweight and stretchy it is. Definitely one of my favorite products!