Halloween celebrations are finally upon us! For many years we weren't very festive and didn't dress up for Halloween, but our friends have hosted Halloween parties over the past few years and we’ve had to come up with a costume. If you’ve gotten to know our family, you know we are big into DIY projects so lately this has been a great chance for me to get creative and put together quick and easy costumes, mostly with items I already own. This year I wanted to dress up as Maleficent and I figured the crow would be a suitable complement to our couples costume. All I needed to purchase for this costume was a cheap mask and some black feathers to create a crow mask.



For the beak I cut a leaf from a bird of paradise plant from my backyard and I painted it with black acrylic paint.I then glued it onto the mask.




Finally, I glued the black feathers onto the mask and that was it! Super quick and easy DIY project =)

Crow Mask