It still feels surreal that we will soon get to meet this little baby boy. We can't wait to finally hold him in our arms!! We've been ready to grow our little family for a while now, so while we can't contain our eagerness sometimes, we are also trying to enjoy the journey of being pregnant. So far the process has gone smoothly so I'm praying that it will stay this way :). We are also trying to soak up this time with just the two of us since we know everything will change once this little one arrives!


As for this announcement picture, you'd probably guess this was my hubs' idea and you'd be right. I wanted to take some pics at the beach but the day got away from us so we figured we would just do some low key pics at home. My hubs is not always motivated for a photo session so it took getting the dirt bikes out to make it happen. He is already looking for the smallest bike that our kid could possibly ride as soon as he is physically able to and that is just such a scary thought since in his mind that magic age is probably somewhere between 3 and 4 while in my mind it's more like 11. I haven't dared to ask him but I'd rather not start worrying about it yet!! For now we'll just worry about those feelings of awe we enjoy whenever he is moving inside my belly, where I know he is safe 🙂

-Anyway, we eventually made it to the beach one evening and got to take these pics. I can't wait to share more of this journey with you!







♥ bdk,xoxo